Radio-frequency connector is mainly consisted of outer conductor, inner conductor,insulating support medium,The mainly material are as below:

outer conductor:passivation for stainless steel. copper alloy gold plating,copper alloy nickel plating,copper alloy ternary alloy three-partalloy ect,

inner conductor: copper alloy gold plating,copper alloy silver plating ect,

insulating support medium:ptfe、pei、lcp ect,

the main specification of the rf coaxial connector.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些impedance:almost all of the rf coaxial connectors and electric cable have the standard impedance of 50ohm.the only one exception is the 75ohm system is usually used for cable tv installation,it is also an important rf coaxial cable connector have the characteristic impedance of a matched cable,if not like this,a discontinuity is brought into and the damage can be caused.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些vswr(voltage standing wave ratio):in the ideal case ,it should be unity,good design and carry out to keep them within 1.2.

frequency range:nowadays,the most rf coaxial connectors works among dc-10ghz,as to the connectors work among 10-40ghz ,they will be more expensive.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些loss:this is connector loss in the normal frequency range,losses are usually 0.1 and 0.3 decibels,

operating cycle:how many the circle of connect and disconnect they can withstand,it’s usually 500-1000 times.

power:power supply is consisted with two resistance losses(heat) and insulation breakdown,

Characteristics of rf coaxial connectors:

五福彩彩票软件有哪些1.multiple specifications and varieties:more than 20 names in the international general purpose department,more varieties and specifications.

2.products are reliable,failure mode and failure mechanism are complex.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些3.electrical characteristics are guaranteed by mechanical structure,it is an electromechanical integration product,there are essential differences with other low-frequency connectors, processing is mainly turning machine processing,there are many manual assembly operations, so it is difficult to carry out automatic assembly.

5.product update is slow.

In the connector field, the rf coaxial connector五福彩彩票软件有哪些 is a subdivided category, while under the rf coaxial connector category, there are also related products about the rf coaxial cable connector components. What is an rf coaxial cable connector assembly and how its performance is affected? The Dosin hardware and electronics technician will give you some basic knowledge of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly.

it must be clear to those who are engaged in connector manufacturing that the components of the rf coaxial connector cable are composed of two rf coaxial connectors and a certain length of the rf coaxial cable through welding. therefore, the rf coaxial cable becomes an indispensable part of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly, and its performance is directly related to the performance of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些through the analysis of dosin engineer. it is concluded that the following six main factors influencing the performance of rf coaxial cable connector components are as follows:

  1. The standing wave has bad periodicity.
  2. Poor performance due to local deformation;
  3. Impedance mismatch(high or low );
  4. The movement between the cable foaming layer and the outer conductor;
  5. The foaming layer is pasted on the inner conductor and cannot be cleaned;
  6. The inner conductor size does not meet the requirements;

the six points above are the mainly influences of the performance of the rf coaxial cable connector assembly. so the way to enhance the ability of them is that we need to reduce the six failure modes. meanwhile, the dimension of the inner rf connector must meet the      requirement.when we find the failure modes of rf coaxial cable assembly, that means we also find the direction of improving the performance of them . it is of great guiding significance to improve the performance of rf coaxial cable in major manufacturers.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些in addition, dosin technicians provide you with several ways to improve cable performance, for your reference as below:

first of all, the selection of internal and external conductor materials should be done well, that is to say, the model and impedance of internal and external conductor and rf connector should be unified. secondly, in the process of extruding insulation, we should control the foaming uniformity to a high standard, and improve the diameter uniformity of the foaming insulation wire core and the stability of capacitance. the third is to improve the concentricity of the inner and outer conductors, that is, to control the insulation of cables without eccentricity. finally, the tolerance requirement of inner conductor should be strictly controlled.

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五福彩彩票软件有哪些there are many factors influencing the price of rf coaxial connectors. it is quite normal for you to meet different quotation in the purchasing process at different times. it is possible that the recent shortage of raw materials for a certain product will lead to a rise in the price of raw materials. when the price of raw materials rises, the price of products will also rise. but in general, we will ensure that the product price is within a reasonable range, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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The power capacity of rf connectors is an important part of the standard to evaluate the quality of rf coaxial connectors. So what do you know about the power capacity of the rf coaxial connector? Dosin五福彩彩票软件有哪些 hardware electronics will introduce you to this knowledge in detail.

the power capacity of the rf coaxial connector is a complicated problem, which is affected by many factors.

pin size: the size of the pin is related to the current capacity of the connector and directly affects the power.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些vswr: the reflection wave occupies the channel capacity space, resulting in the transmission power capacity reduction

五福彩彩票软件有哪些insertion loss:there is a difference between input and output power due to the existence of loss.

air pressure (altitude):the higher the altitude, the lower the pressure, the smaller the power capacity.

contact resistance:contact resistance causes the contact to heat up, making it difficult to transmit high power microwave signals.

influence of frequency:the change of transmission signal frequency directly leads to the change of loss and vswr, which affects the transmission power capacity.

for the above reasons are uncertain factors, so the connector is generally not given power capacity value indicators, only in the load, attenuator and other technical indicators of microwave passive components can indicate the index.

After reading, do you have a preliminary understanding of the “Rf coaxial connector power capacity”? If you have any questions about purchasing or customizing rf coaxial connectors, you can call Dosin hardware electronics at 0769-81153906. We will arrange professionals to answer your questions in time.

if an rf adapter or a cable assembly is evaluated by the rf testing and measurement perspective, the engineer is not only concerned with the target at the time of delivery, but also is more concerned with its service life.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些the life of the rf cable assembly depends on three factors: the bending resistance of the cable ; good connections between cables and connectors and their anti-bending properties; connector’s service life. for the first two factors, the jig or specification operator action can be taken to ensure that for the life of the connector: for the connector’s life, can only rely on the quality of the connector itself and the assembly process.

In normal condition, the life of the rf connector will be well over 500 times standard. The insertion loss of rf connector increases gradually with mechanical wear. However, the VSWR has hardly changed. If there is no obvious fault of the cable, the compulsory scrapping system should be established to guarantee the test index.

From the 1960s, China began to manufacture the RF connectors with the machine factory. In the 70s, it produced by professional manufacturer. Before the 80s, according to the principle self-reliance, our products were based on imitation of Soviet products. Since the 1980s, international standards have been adopted to produce the international series products, Mainly state-owned and collective enterprises, a number of private, joint ventures and foreign enterprises. At present, there are several hundred RF connector manufacturers in China, but the scale is small. The production means of the key manufacturers and the production level of the general connectors are comparable with those in foreign countries.

The current problem:

五福彩彩票软件有哪些the scale is too small.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些the concept of market competition did not conform to the development of the times , the market has already appeared below the cost of sales, there are other unfair competition.

the poor sense of globalization cannot meet the needs of the new economic times.

digital and e-commerce management lags behind.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些colleges and universities do not have rf connector major, resulting in a shortage of professionals.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些the influx of foreign capital and local production.

precision connector, table patch connector technology is backward.

五福彩彩票软件有哪些the problem of passive intermodulation has not attracted enough attention.


Development trend:


since the market is becoming increasingly competitive, various types of connector products have also entered the equipment upgrade competition. as the world’s largest manufacturer of connector products, china has the largest import and export trade in the world.

rf coaxial connector not only plays a role of bridge, and have the function of signal processing, such as filtering, phase modulation, mixing, attenuation, detection, clipping, functional diversification, can meet the demand of the rf coaxial connector customers.

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